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Gel Manicure/Reg Pedicure (reg $75)


Gel Manicure/Gel Pedicure (reg $100)


Gel Manicure/Spa Pedicure (reg $109)


Gel Mani/Reg Pedi/10 Min Chair (reg $90)


Spa Pedicure/10 Min Chair Massage (reg $84)


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Service:Green Tea Spa Pedicure
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I booked a green tea pedicure which I’ve done once in the past and loved it. I got the technician Josephine which I was hoping not to get because she always manages to cut my skin during my pedicures. I always ask for someone else. This time, I thought I’d give her a chance since she was assigned to me when I walked in and I didn’t want to make a big deal about not getting her. While removing my callus , she made two deep cuts in my heels. It was painful during the treatment but I figured it was a small cut and amplified pain by chemical. I wish I was less nice about it. I tipped 18% because overall it was a good treatment and I did not know how bad the cut was until I got home and realize the cut and pain was not going away for two days.